Coronavirus: Emotion Regulation & Stress Management

A mini-course teaching you practical skills that you can quickly use to help you and your family get through this difficult time

Your Instructor


We are all suffering. Kids home, income frozen, tremendous anxiety. How can I help you at this time? An idea occurred to me. I want to offer you the BEST tools I know for emotional survival in times of stress.

These are practical techniques that you can learn and implement quickly to help you and your family through this.

These are key skills from my Moodmaker course that I believe can literally be the difference between people and families getting through this whole or not.

I repackaged these skills into a series of three webinars with live Q & A and I am now making it available for everyone.

We covered key skills including:


-Manageable Mindset

-One day/moment at a time

-Awareness Skills

-Calming Skills

-Plan ahead

-Problem Solving

-Self Care

We can do this, together.

Get started now!