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If There's a Skill There's a Way

Problem Solving

Heres the deal with most people and problem solving. They don't. Problem solve, I mean. The average human will attempt to solve a problem and stop at the first hiccough, throw their hands in the air, and declare the problem unsolvable. And that would be the end. I’m not sure if you noticed...


Make yourself Oh-So-Calm

Some like it hot… You may know lots of people who seem to like to hang out here, their lives compromised by the destructive nature of their chaotic emotions. But. Not you. Thats why you're here. Emotions motivate us to act, urge us to behave in the way that they dictate. When you are in the...


Validate and You'll Feel Great!

(Or at least it will help somewhat?) Often times, the reason our emotions feel too big for us to handle is because we don't take a moment to simply acknowledge the emotion we are experiencing. Here it comes. *Skill* Validate. And Again: Validate VALIDATE the emotions. Don’t minimize your...


Your mini guide to #BeTheBoss of your emotions

If There's a Skill There's a Way Are your emotions just too strong to live with? Do you feel like begging them PLEASE, just STOP! You don't want to feel like this. You can’t continue like this anymore… Do your emotions completely invade your personal space, entering as they please and...