If There's a Skill There's a Way

Are your emotions just too strong to live with?

Do you feel like begging them PLEASE, just STOP! You don't want to feel like this. You can’t continue like this anymore…

Do your emotions completely invade your personal space, entering as they please and leaving without even a goodbye? Kind of like an old college roommate, or your weird cousin (usually named something unfortunate like Eugene), who show up unannounced, eat you out of house and home, and crash on your couch. Then they kind of just disappear without any explanation, and you're left wondering if you should file a missing persons report, or more importantly, can you close up the sofa bed yet or do they still consider themselves residents at your place?

Being constantly overwhelmed by emotions is a reality that can make life super tough. Yet it’s a reality that everyone struggles with. Everyone.

However, the world isn't full of a bunch of unrestrained and unstable beings running amok and leaving emotional skid marks all over the place. So if everyone struggles with emotions, why do some seem to manage and others don’t?

Listen up, because here comes my answer. Emotion regulation isn't complicated, or impossible. It’s easy to learn, easy to implement, and easy to see the impact. The results will quickly transform your life, and, here’s the best part is, it all boils down to skills. I am obsessed with skills, by the way, and I hope you will be too. (Watch this to hear my story about how my skills obsessions started, its a good one)

So let’s go.

Part 1:
Validate and You'll Feel Great!

Part 2:
Make yourself Oh-So-Calm

Part 3:
Problem Solving