Mood Swinger to Mood Maker In Just Nine Weeks!

I Want to Get Happy

Manage your moods like a boss with

Simple, doable strategies

Master my easy-to-learn + easy-to-implement emotional regulation system and start seeing results today.

Scientifically proven methods

Skip the feel-good fluff and learn neuroscience-approved techniques that work.

Fun, engaging content

Stay motivated with jargon-free, playful modules that move you from Affected-by-everything to… Zippididooda-I'm-in-control.

Do you find yourself

  • Doling out Fruity Pebbles (or the equivalent healthy cereal) when someone whines AGAIN and you S-N-A-P?
  • Taking deep breaths – just like the books say – but exploding seconds later?
  • Getting agitated by the stupidest things — a lost key (AGAIN!), slow elevators, your husband's tone of voice?
  • Feeling like a hopeless cause because you're trying SO SO hard to stay in control?
  • Feeling isolated in your own chaotic, miserable mind.
  • Calling yourself names like ”loser” or ”terrible mother” because of mistakes everyone makes.
  • Constantly exhausted and drained by everything, always.
  • Desperately trying to quiet your constant, anxious racing thoughts?
  • Panicking because something isn't following your exact script and you Just. Can't. Handle. That.
Omigosh, That's Me. Help!

What if instead you could

  • Change EVERYTHING by changing nothing but yourself.
  • Stay cool, calm, and collected, even as the traffic builds up on your way to a career-changing meeting.
  • Enjoy your life and the people you spend time with.
  • Be 31% more productive.1
  • Feel pain and sadness without letting it overwhelm you.
  • Tackle homework and bedtime with a clear, calm mind.
  • Stop eyeing your neighbor and become that awesome woman you know YOU can be.
  • Be. A. Moodmaker.
Nechama is Being A Moodmaker

Hi, I'm Nechama

Wife, mother, and human — just like you.

I'm not a saint, I promise
I yell, sob, and eye my neighbor's new car — just like you do.

Are you thinking: Um…so why do you think you can teach me emotional regulation?

Because that's exactly what this is about. I teach you how to be happy within the framework of normal, chaotic life. Emotions aren't the enemy — but how we react to them could be.

I know I can scream at the top of my lungs if I need the release, because I'm in control. I can cry my eyes out because I know how emotions work and how to use them to my advantage. I don't keep things bottled up, and I'm also not drowning in a deluge.

When you manage your emotions, you manage. Period.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with multiple certifications and specialty trainings under my belt, I teach transformative techniques daily to individuals in my private practice, using mostly Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I want to share these life changing skills with the whole world, so I developed a user-friendly curriculum that you can learn at home, on your own (for a quarter of the price!). I repackaged the most effective DBT techniques with hands-on assignments and visual exercises, and Moodmakers was born. BAM!

Become a wizard in BAM magic!

In just 9 classes, you’ll:

  • Create an environment that will enable change and growth.
  • Balance both acceptance and change.
  • Gain awareness so you notice your emotions, thoughts, and urges.
  • Make better decisions so you stay in control.
  • Build a tolerance for painful or strong emotions.
  • Lower your emotional temperature and minimize intense reactions.
  • Understand how emotions function and how they can help you or work against you.
  • Change your emotions when necessary.
  • Prevent emotional explosions.
  • Become less vulnerable to problematic emotions.
  • Build more positive emotions.
Give Me My Emotional Toolbox


You don’t understand what my life is like. I’m beyond hope.
DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) is all about thriving despite external circumstances. You can live the life you want no matter what your life actually looks like. That being said, our group coaching is limited to just 10 members plus I will do an individual intake with you to understand your personal challenges, and we’ll fit the skill building to your unique circumstances.
I don’t have time to watch a bunch of videos, but I want these skills!
Good news! Each module contains quick videos, summaries, and worksheets, so you can learn whichever way best suits your lifestyle. (And, since you’ll be 31% more productive* after you gain the skills, you can take your time mastering them, then fire through your work next month.)
A toolbox sounds AH-MAZING! But I’m already going to therapy. Won’t my therapist give me these skills?
You’d think so, but not necessarily. Moodmakers can’t replace the explorative role of therapy, but it does gives you concrete skills that will only support your journey towards healing. Plus, once you have these skills, you’ll speed up the therapy process and get moving forward FAST.
What if I get stuck? Does this stuff really work?
Yes! There’s reams of research showing DBT’s incredible results — even for individuals suffering from aggressive mental disorders (though in more severe cases, Moodmakers should NOT replace one-on-one counseling). But forget the data. If you’re having trouble implementing the skills — if you’re not reaching a place of confidence amid chaos — hop on to one of our monthly group Q+A calls. We’ll address your issues and help you develop a solid, working plan to get you in control.
You make it sound so easy. I thought change is hard.
Change is hard — if you don’t have a plan. Moodmaker skills are practical, easy to implement, and build upon each other. You’ll have thousands of opportunities daily to practice the techniques and every successful reaction will inspire another. These thousands of improved reactions will come together to form a whole new you! BAM!
Ok, so I’ll be an awesome Moodmaker. But how do I know I won’t slip back into my old ways a year from now?
The more you practice a thought-pattern, behavior, or response, the more it becomes second nature. Every time you do something, you actually train your brain to respond that way by default.2 So if you’re doing the work now, chances are you’ll keep it up in the long run. But if you do feel like you’re slipping, just watch the modules again and jump back in -- you’ve got lifetime access!
2. Siegel, D. J. (2017). Mind: A journey to the heart of being human. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company.

I stay focused on my goals Because of your course, I have a clear mind in the moment and know how to react. When I start to get nervous, I can see the big picture: I want to have a happy family and close relationships. And that helps me to make decisions that will lead me there.”

– Course graduate, NJ

Moodmaker is…

With Lifetime Access

Consistency is HARD. I give you lifetime access so you can give yourself a booster shot whenever you start slipping.

In Multiple Formats

Master it your way. Each module contains a video lesson, PDF summary, and visual sheets so that you can own the material whether you’re an auditory, tactile, or visual learner.

Scientifically Proven

Gain real skills. The full course is based on intensive DBT techniques that are proven to effectively treat even serious mental disorders.

User Friendly + Jargon-free

DBT is complicated stuff, intended to be completed over years of therapy. I’ve distilled the most effective techniques so you can get instant results.


You learn more when you’re in a positive mental state.3 And it’s more…fun! Just because we’re learning real skills doesn’t mean we can’t laugh along the way. 3. Willis, J., MD. (2007). The Neuroscience of Joyful Education. Educational Leadership, 64.

You can keep

  • Pasting on that too-wide smile while your brain whirs with resentment.
  • Calling yourself a failure, loser, and selfish – all within 58 seconds.
  • Exhausting yourself with all the mental energy that consumes your interactions.
  • Jeopardizing your personal and professional relationships.
  • Pushing down the spread of panic that’s always in your throat.
  • “Managing” (emphasis on the quotation marks)

Immediate, amazing results After just one Moodmaker session, I was able to catch myself before exploding twice during the week and I completely changed my mood. For the first time, I felt good about myself for being so intense instead of thinking there’s something wrong with me.”

– Course graduate, NJ

After just two sessions, my home is completely different. My husband wants to know what I’m doing — he wants me to teach him to be a Moodmaker too!”

– Course graduate, NJ